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About Us


Stockham Lumber Co. has always been a mainstay in Holley, NY and the surrounding communities in Orleans County. For over 135 years, we have supplied lumber and other goods in Orleans County. Today, we have grown to supply many counties throughout Western New York.

Stockham Lumber Co. began as N.L. Cole, named after Nerv L. Cole, in 1880. The main business was in coal and lumber sales. Cole passed the business to his son, Lewis “Chick” Cole, and it remained as a lumber company.

Bruce Stockham worked for Lewis as a young man and eventually he and his wife, Betty, purchased the business in 1964. Bruce and Betty changed the name to “Stockham Lumber Co.”, but the ideals of the company that Lewis taught him remained.

In 1989, Mark (Bruce’s nephew) and Robin Spychalski purchased the business from Bruce and Betty. They continued to uphold the highest quality standards and set out to grow the business, adding to the number of products sold, trucks, and employees.

Mark and Robin retired in 2015, and sold the business to Daniel Klips and Danny Poprawski, two long-time employees. Dan Klips and Danny Poprawski operated Stockham Lumber Co. together until 2018, when Dan Klips become the sole owner.

Today, Dan and Gina Klips continue Stockham Lumber Co.’s long history of high-quality products and service. They have expanded the business, serve on LBM boards, continue to support local groups and charities, and advocate for the LBM industry. Dan and Gina look forward to Stockham Lumber Co.’s productive and exciting future!

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